Oct 24, 2005

sturgis '06

looks like plans are underway for the ride out to sturgis next year. it's a ride i would like to take, but most likely won't. it would be an incredible journey - the guys that will be going are a lot of fun to travel with. if i went, it would mean taking two weeks off work - which is half of what i have. i want to go to myrtle beach next year, which is a week. that would leave one week for the rest of the year. we've been talking about taking a family vacation, which we haven't done in years - that would be a week. which would leave no other time for me to take... i digress...

here's the e-mail i found in my mailbox this morning... you can just tell this is going to be a good trip:

subject: Sturgis.......our time has come
Preface: Frankie, pass this on to Ron Two-Times and Buck Naked, really, sincerely hope they can make this one,

Mike, pass this on to Nick, not in the habit of keeping homo email addresses,

Wayne, I understand you and Jimmy read poetry to each other at lunch, please let him know,

Anyone: Jamie F and Kregg E still use Morse Code and have small genitalia, someone please pass this on.

Preliminary planning is under way for the August, 2006 trip to Sturgis, South Dakota, not a trip to be missed nor taken lightly. A relatively small and covert rendezvous took place this weekend in a lesser known underground parking garage beneath the Target store on Parham Rd. in Richmond, Virginia, to discuss the mechanics and logistics of this most manly of rides. A special thanks to Ali Mauswali, owner of Mauswali’s Meatloaf and Crab Shak for catering the event. Our adventure will begin on Friday, August 4, 2006, at approximately 9:00 am leaving Manassas, and will encompass 15 days of fuel burning, beer drinking, asphalt melting, sight seeing, 103 cubic inch stump-pulling, train of 12 biker riding good times. The plan is to make it to Fort Wayne, Indiana by Friday night; Sioux Falls, South Dakota Saturday night…….and roll into Sturgis like we own the bitch Sunday afternoon, the rally begins the next day. We’ll stay in/around Sturgis Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and take a couple day trips to Mt. Rushmore, the Black Hills, the Badlands, Deadwood, SD, as well as any place I deem necessary to satisfy my immortal liver. Thursday, we’re done with the little whore known as Sturgis, and head west past Devil’s Tower and on to Yellowstone N.P. A day there and we’re headed south through Idaho destined for Salt Lake City, Utah. Eight days into it, time to think about heading east, down to Interstate 70 through Denver and onto Kansas. We’ll make a pit in St. Louis, Missouri and head southeast to the capital of the toothless (sorry Kim), Paducah, Kentucky, where we have friends (Leon’s in-laws), and free outhouses to stay in. From there, its 12 hours back to Northern Virginia that can be broken up into two days if necessary. All said, given 15 days, this trip should be cake, two weeks through 22 states. The longest riding day we’re looking at is the first Saturday getting from Fort Wayne, Indiana to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, 11 riding hours. Beyond that, the day/night can be as long or as short as we want it to be. Below is a list of the men and women (sex to be determined by their response to this email), that may be interested in going. On a serious note, the state of South Dakota and I will consider you legally bound heretofore, upon acceptance of the above mentioned agreement.

In other words, get off you dead asses and go to Sturgis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Frank                                           Ron Two-Times

Pollock 2                                       Buck Naked

Frankie                                         Jimmy M

Fatty                                           Jim B

Nate                                            Ron G

Pollock 1                                       Kregg E

Mike (WVA)                                      Chester “Huck” H

Nick (WVA)                                      Gene W

Gollum                                          Jamie “I love the Taliban” W

Jamie F

Let’s ride.