Apr 27, 2010

ride to work…

took a ride to work the other week – to annapolis!!! it was nice to get out for a longer ride in decent weather.

i headed out on sunday after a quick turn around from returning from the beach. as fast as i was unpacking from the beach, i was repacking for the ride. i could have taken a little more time but i wanted to get on the road and to my destination before it got too late.

repacking in a hurry didn’t leave me with the confidence that i had everything i needed. but if it came down to missing something critical, i could always pick it up on the road.

ride up to annaplois started on the interstate until richmond, then back roads the rest of the way. it was good to be putting some miles on the bike again. especially since i have a longer trip coming up towards the end of may. but thoughts of that trip were far from my mind as i was enjoying the scenery and the weather the eastern part of virginia was giving me.

i wouldn’t be quite so lucky on the way home. the temps were quite a bit lower and the skies were overcast. shortly after leaving, i was pulling over to put on my chaps and winter gloves. but those weren’t quite enough to keep the chill from reaching my bones.

the quick turn around on sunday and lack of planning was catching up to me now. in my hurry to hit the road i was so focused on leaving i didn’t bother to check the weather forecast. and now i was paying the price.

a couple times i did think about how much warmer i might have been had i been in my car. but i quickly came to the conclusion that i wouldn’t trade the warmth of my car for the freedom of the road. it seems cold riding is the theme on the rides this year.

it was great to get home and start to thaw…

check out the 2010 ride map – this one in blue