Jun 24, 2014

Smoke Out 15 - Wall of Death

Just announced for the Smoke Out this year, the Rhett Rotten Wall of Death.

I've been to a few of these Wall of Death shows before and they're usually pretty entertaining. I think Rhett is the only rider in this show. It really gets fun when they get tow or three guys on the wall at the same time. Either way, it should be a fun way to pass some time.

Jun 19, 2014

Project LiveWire!

Harley has announced their first electric motorcycle, Project LiveWire, today.

It's a pretty nice looking bike - I can't want to learn more about it and take it out for a test ride!

Jun 7, 2014

Rolling Thunder 2014

My son and I made our annual trip to the Washington DC area for Rolling Thunder a few weekends ago. We'd both been looking forward to the trip - our first big trip of the year. My son had been telling everyone for weeks before that we were taking a six hour motorcycle trip to Virginia, making the six hours sound so unappealing. And I'm sure for those that aren't riders, it didn't sound like fun. But we knew otherwise and we couldn't wait to take off!!
Friday, May 23
What good motorcycle trip doesn't start with a stop at Waffle House? And sharing with family before leaving makes it even better!

After getting our fill, it was time to get going. Someone was anxious to get moving...

Our first planned stop was Clarksville to stretch our legs. About ten minutes before we stopped it started to sprinkle. It was so light that as soon as the droplets hit, they dried. At Clarksville we debated putting on the rain suits. The sky was overcast and this was my son's first experience in the rain on a bike. The decision was make to put them on. Which pretty much guaranteed it would stop raining. 

Next stop, halfway point, Sheetz in Farmville. Time for gas and some grub. Or a power pill for my son.

We were having a good time and making good time. Final stop before our destination was Orange. Where we met my father-in-law and uncle for the last leg. It was nice to meet up with them, knowing we weren't far. A nice meal was waiting for us when we made our final stop.

Saturday, May 24
In the morning we head to Patriot Harley Davidson to pick up Rolling Thunder pins and check out what's going on. This year I was a bit disappointed in the number of vendors. It seems they're saving more spaces for bikes to park in the lot, which leaves less for the vendors. But I guess if the choice has to be made between bike parking and vendors, the bikes win.

While we were there, a photographer was working on a project called Why We Roll. In a nutshell, he was capturing images of people participating in Rolling Thunder and what Rolling Thunder meant to them.
Sunday, May 25 - Rolling Thunder
They day always starts with a gathering and breakfast over at Wayne and Theresa's house. It was a beautiful morning. Before the ride, a few words were said in honor of Kelley who passed away. He was a big part of the ride and it just wasn't the same without him.

Then it was time to head out. Nolan would lead the riders out. At the end of the street, he would loop around and hop onto Rick's bike for the rest of the ride into DC.

Hanging out in DC before heading down Constitution to watch the parade.

Checking out the sites at Thunder Alley.

Parade time.

Parade food.

After the parade, it's back to Wayne and Theresa's for the after-parade party.

A future rider?

Monday, May 26
Time to head home. It's been a great trip and we're having fun. But we're looking forward to getting home. So much so, that we skipped our last stop just to get home a little sooner. But not without a stop at Sheetz for some more road-food.

So, until next year...