Jan 2, 2010

2010 rides…

wow!!! we’re already in 2010!!!

------ 01/02/2010 - lake loop - nc and va
------ 02/20/2010 - just a ride - marion, nc
------ 03/13/2010 - ridin' with my wife - henderson, nc
------ 04/11-14/2010 - ride to work - annapolis, md
------ 05/19-24/2010 - weekend ride - milwaukee, wi
------ 05/28-31/2010 - rolling thunder - washington, dc
------ 06/26-27/2010 - smoke out - rockingham, nc
------ 07/03/2010 - ss1000 - nc, va, md, wv, va, nc
------ 09/06/2010 - ride with alex - nc and va


took the first drive of the year today… wasn’t really planning to, but my wife suggested i head out for a ride. it looked nice outside, blue skies dotted with puffy white clouds. it didn’t take much to convince me to go.

i had originally planned a trip through oxford to danville, looping south back through oxford and back home. i wasn’t out long when i realize it was a bit chillier than i thought.

i arrived in oxford cold, not quite knowing how long the planned route was, thinking i should just turn around and head home. instead, i decided to take the usual lake loop.

about half way through the ride, even colder than i could imagine, i couldn’t wait to get home. i even passed up a photo-op of the high water and flooded tables at the dam.

i made it home with a couple lessons under my belt. check the temps before leaving. if it’s in the twenties, i’d advise electric pants and jacket – jeans and chaps just don’t cut it. my electric gloves work awesome!!!

check out the 2010 ride map to see the route - this one in blue...

Jan 1, 2010


that’s the odo reading to start the year. i won’t complain that it’s not as much as i wanted, i did that in the last post

looking forward to putting some time in the saddle this year. in addition to the yearly trek to the smoke out and, hopefully, the easyriders rodeo, i’m planning a couple longer trips. one up to milwaukee for some training and another along the blue ridge parkway with my father-in-law. would be nice to add another iba ride or two as well…

outside of those, i imagine there will be plenty of rides with my wife and the kids. the youngest one has been asking to ride this winter. i haven’t be able to get him to understand that it gets a *lot* colder on the bike when it starts moving. not to mention he doesn’t really have any cold-weather gear. maybe a quick spin around the neighborhood would help him understand…

so, let’s hang on tight and see where this year goes…