Dec 15, 2010

motorcyclist of the year…

the latest issue of american motorcyclist (the magazine of the ama), with the motorcyclist of the year on the cover, arrived this past weekend. when i initially saw the cover my instinct was to cancel my subscription/membership to the ama.

the ama states the motorcyclist of the year is “designed to highlight the person (or people) who has had the most profound impact on the world of motorcycling – for better or worse – in the previous 12 months.” this year the ama has decided that the most profound impact on motorcycling is for the worse.

what’s really bothersome is that of all the pro-motorcycling causes the ama supports, of all the people that put their time and effort forth to support motorcycling, the ama couldn’t find one person or group that had enough of a positive impact to outweigh the negative…

so who was chosen?? california governor schwarzenegger, who is supposedly pro-motorcycling. why was he chosen?? for signing senate bill 435. in a nutshell, sb435 requires all motorcycles built on or after january 1, 2013 to carry an epa stamp that certifies the exhaust meets sound requirements.

i know us motorcyclist have an issue with excessive noise. if the idea is to help control noise, sb435 is not the way to go about it. the motorcycle industry council worked hard with the society of automobile engineers to develop j2825 which gives a simple, straightforward way to measure and identify motorcycles with excessive noise.

instead governor schwarzenegger thought putting stamps on exhaust systems was the way to enforce noise limits. there are plenty of exhaust exhaust systems and manufactures that make exhaust systems that aren’t noisy but can’t afford to go through the process to get approval to put the stamp on  their exhausts. not only that, the stamp doesn’t prevent the owner from drilling out the baffles and making the exhaust excessively noisy.

i could sit back and be thankful i don’t live in california. and after seeing what a “pro-motorcyling” governor can do, i am thankful. but we’ve all seen other states follow california. unfortunately this would not be a good path to go down. instead i’ll do what i can to make sure a bill like this doesn’t get passed in my state.

i’m still fuming at governor schwarzenegger getting selected. and if the ama wasn’t so important in protecting the rights of motorcyclists i’d cancel my membership. so, i’m also going to do everything i can to ensure all future motorcyclist of the year are selected for making a positive impact on motorcycling, leaving governor schwarzenegger as the only black mark.

Sep 15, 2010

trip prep…

getting ready to take a trip on the blue ridge parkway with my father-in-law at the end of the month. we’ve been talking about riding the parkway for a while and now it’s time to make it happen…

the past week or so i’ve been trying to figure out the details – when we’re going , how far we’ll travel each day, where we’ll stop overnight and other rides we might be able to fit in during our journey. the original plan was to make travel the parkway in two days. knowing we’d want to ride the snake as well as the tail of the dragon. to help plan the trip i ordered the latest version of the blue ridge parkway maps from america rides maps.

the maps arrived today and i was pleasantly surprised. from the start i’ve been impressed with the maps. i also know the maps have expanded and upgraded. but i didn’t realize how much until i got the latest versions of the map.

the new maps contain more routes as well as more detail. detail in both the crispness of the maps themselves and the number of amenities like gas stations, restaurants and lodging along the suggested routes. the routes are well marked on the map with descriptions on the back of the map. the maps, seven in total, are well labeled to indicated how all seven maps fit together. making it easy to pick up a road or route on an adjacent map.

i know wayne put a lot of time and effort towards creating these maps. his effort is definitely paid off with these maps.

well, i better get to finalizing the details of the trip. with the help of these maps it shouldn’t be too tough.

Sep 7, 2010

sunday ride…

my neighbor called yesterday wondering if my wife wanted to go shopping with his wife. my wife loved the idea. i thanked my neighbor by asking him if he wanted to go on a motorcycle ride with my son and me…

i’ve talked to my neighbor about the property my in-laws have up at the lake and he’s taken his boat into their cove. but this was an opportunity to show him my in-laws property. but the ride was less about showing my neighbor some property and more about taking my son for a longer ride.

i’ve taken my son on shorter rides around town and he’s done really well. he’s been asking to go on longer rides. i figured this was a good opportunity. the heat has subsided a bit making riding more comfortable. an important factor to consider since i want to instill safety first with my son and emphasize wearing all our gear when we go out riding.

the ride was going to be to the lake and back. i figured that would give my son a good amount of time in the saddle without pushing it too much.

we headed north up route one, jumped off on one fifty eight, through middleburg to the lake. a nice leisurely ride giving a mix of some speed and some twisty roads.

we got to the lake and i showed off the trailer. we headed down to the water where my son could feed the fish with the bread my thoughtful wife packed for him. it was fun watching him try to catch the fish with his hands as he was baiting them with bread. unfortunately he wasn’t as fast as the fish.

after a little more time at the trailer we decided to head home. but not without stopping for lunch first. my son was doing good on the bike and enjoying the ride so we decided to head to clarksville and stop at uppy’s. after topping off our bellies with lunch and ice cream for desert we headed home through oxford via virgilina.

it was a beautiful day for a ride and my son did awesome. my biggest concern, him getting sleepy, never happened. which made me more confident that he’s up for longer rides. he rode over one hundred thirty miles and seemed to enjoy every mile. i think he was in awe of being part of the environment as your traveling instead of just viewing it through the window of a cage.

i look forward to many more rides with him. and maybe one day taking him on an overnight camping trip…

check out the 2010 ride map, this one in light blue.

Aug 12, 2010

certified – again…

got a package in the mail today containing certificates and a patch for the ss1000 i completed back in july… i was pretty excited to get it today as i didn’t expect them quite so soon. i don’t know if the certification process is quicker once your a member but it was definitely a nice surprise.

now to start planning a bun burner (1500 miles in thirty-six hours) and a bun burner gold (1500 miles in twenty-four hours)… my wife rolled her eyes when i mentioned that earlier today!!!

Aug 4, 2010


took the bike to ray price last week for the 40k service… a smaller service this time. the usual fluid change and general inspection of the bike. i did manage to get new spark plugs too.

i have an extended service plan with ray price which is due to expire next month. the service plan has really been a good deal for me. when i got the bike i didn’t know anything about maintenance. over the years i’ve picked a couple things up. next month i’ll be picking up a lot more. and i’m looking forward to it.

the service department at ray price has really taken care of my bike. i’ve been extremely pleased with the service they’ve provided – i feel they’ve gone above and beyond to take care of me and my bike. i would definitely recommend their service department…

for this service i managed to trade my bike for an ultra classic. unfortunately i was only able to get a picture of it on the road…

DSC_0793 it’s the one on the left…

Jul 15, 2010

how difficult can it be??

had a couple extra minutes today so i decided to put the registration sticker on the bike.

being the lazy efficient person i am i decided i would just wipe the old sticker with a towel and apply the new sticker. a short-lived idea due to the reflective license plate mounting bolts covering the sticker.

reaching between the license plate and the the tour-pac i quickly realized i wouldn’t be able to remove the mounting bolt without removing the tour-pac.

i get the key for the tour-pac and attempt to unlock the lock. as i turned the key i heard a pop. not the familiar pop of the mechanism unlocking. and the key is turning freely. i remove the key and see the lock hasn’t unlocked. nope. it broke.

the design of the tour-pac latch prevents me from unbolting the latch– which is actually a good thing. i have to remove the docking point in order to remove the tour-pac. once that’s off i’ll be able to remove the latch, freeing the docking point – which i can then put back on the bike.

i finally remove the docking point and get the tour-pac off. on to the latch… i remove the bolt and slide the latch off. not quite. the way the latch is mounted, along with the docking point still being locked in place, prevents the latch from being removed.

the only way to remove the latch is to break it. which i do. finally the docking point is free. it gets put back on the bike. i return from the attic with the old latch and put that on the tour-pac.

i finally get around to putting the sticker on the bike – completing a two minute job in about thirty minutes…

Jul 5, 2010


completed another ss1000 saturday…

took off about five thirty in the morning. a little later than i had originally planned – was too busy sleeping. but i’d rather get a little more sleep, wake up refreshed and start late than start out tired.

first stop was sheetz in youngsviile to document my start location and time. then it was off to richmond. the ride up there was chilly in spite of the extra layers and having the panels in my coat. i knew the morning was cooler but i didn’t expect that cool. good thing i started with my winter gloves.

after richmond it was on to staunton. the temps were rising along with the sun but it was still cool… i was wondering if i was going to need to throw on my other shirt and put the lining in my coat. i decided to keep pushing through. i’d add them at the next stop if needed.

from staunton it was on to hagerstown then to morgantown. the traffic between hagerstown and morgantown was horrible. i was finally in the 4th of july traffic i was fearing. until we got to the i-68 split near hancock. thankfully most of it was heading north and the roads opened up again.

nothing too exciting from morgantown through charleston on to statesville. the temps were definitely getting warmer. hot in fact. funny how a few hours ago i couldn’t wait to get out of the cold weather. now i was missing it.

about the six hundred fifty mile mark i was feeling a little tired. the fireballs were helping but not quite doing the trick. i was planning on taking a short nap in the shade at my next stop. however, when i got there i must have gotten my second wind. after fueling up i was ready to keep going. i never felt sleepy after that.

a lot of the trip between charleston and statesville was familiar from our milwaukee trip in may. it was nice to be in familiar sights, knowing i was closing in on being home.

the final leg between statesville and youngsville brought back memories of traveling the road a few years back, when i was first starting to take longer trips. i remember the feeling of accomplishment of riding for several hours, covering a couple hundred miles. now i was knocking off a thousand miles. and enjoying it!!! where will i be in a few more years?? maybe an iba rally?? who know… all i know is i was really enjoying the ride and looking forward to getting home and spending the rest of the holiday weekend with my wife.

a little after ten in the evening i pulled back into the sheetz station to document the end of my ride, finally making it home about ten-thirty. it was an awesome ride and it was great to be home.

now i’ve got to document my ride and get it off to the iba… you can check out the 2010 ride map – this one in blue

Jul 2, 2010

great service…

was heading back from the smoke out last weekend when the shift lever shaft stripped. luckily i was close to home and could temporarily fix it by tightening the screw on the backside of the shaft.

i took the bike to ray price tuesday to have the shaft replaced. i asked them to also check the front brakes and do an inspection. when the bike’s dropped off the tech looks over the bike. he noticed that i could also use new tires.

overall i’ve been very pleased with the service i’ve gotten from ray price. i have to give them props for this last experience. it’s nice to know they go above and beyond instead of just settling for getting the job done. it’s always good to have another set of eyes looking over the bike.

and it’s especially nice to have new tires on the bike before i head out for another saddle sore 1000 tomorrow. look for an update next week on how i made out. as well as updates on the smoke out and rolling thunder – on which i’m woefully behind…

May 27, 2010

back from milwaukee…

just got back from one of the best trips i’ve ever been on… the scenery, the friendship, the laughs, the ride. and being able to share it all with my wife… it couldn’t have been any better.

we left out of here last wednesday, making our first stop for gas where i realized i had forgotten the key to my motorcycle. so we returned home to pick it up and make another attempt at leaving. we were successful this time, picking up another rider before making a stop for breakfast and to pick up the third rider.

after a delicious breakfast at cracker barrel, which would become a recurring theme during the trip, we began the real journey. the skies were overcast and the temps were cooler. the forecast called for clearing skies with some chance of rain.

as we headed through virginia and west virginia we ran into a little rain. and i mean very little rain. my wife and i couldn’t finish a conversation about whether we should pull over to put on our rain suits before the rain would stop. the threat of rain stopped as we travelled through ohio and indiana.

our first overnight stop was just outside indianapolis after travelling just over six hundred miles. i started the day thinking we’d be stopping about half way. it was such a good day riding the additional miles came easily. and it set us up nicely for the next day’s riding into milwaukee.

one of my only concerns with the route we had chosen was riding through chicago. don’t know why but i just wasn’t looking forward to it. the real problem was just about any route around chicago would add several hours to the trip. consensus was we would ride through instead of around chicago. and through chicago we went!!!

on the way through we pulled off the interstate to take a ride up lake shore drive. the view was a nice change of pace from the interstate we’d been following most of the day.

DSC_7883 (Large)

DSC_7887 (Large)

the roads, at least the interstate, between chicago and milwaukee left a lot to be desired. it was probably good our destination was close as we could focus on that instead of the poor conditions of the roads.

we made it to milwaukee about mid-afternoon. early enough to unload the bikes and have some time to walk around enjoying the sites and tastes of the city.

a couple days later it was time to start heading home. we contemplated taking the lake express ferry from milwaukee to michigan to start the journey until the cost changed our minds. so we headed out aiming for west virginia not quite knowing the route we were taking. just pointing our bikes south and riding, knowing we’d get there eventually.

my wife had the chance to ride on an ultra classic which she really enjoyed. i think it made the trip more bearable for her. although for being the longest trip she’d ever been on she kept a positive attitude and made the best of it. the problem now is i either have to get a seat as comfortable as the ultra classic or get an ultra classic.

after riding all day under sunny skies and warm temps our target was charleston. but a longer route with leisurely stops and a couple deer crossing the highway as the sun was setting encouraged us to stop for the night in cross lanes.

the next day’s ride would take us home. the day started out warm and sunny. as we left west virginia, crossing through virginia and into north carolina, the skies would continue to get darker. eventually dumping a rain on us for about thirty minutes.

before we knew it we were home and being greeted by waiting family. as good as it was to get away it was even better to get back home and be with the family again.

this trip was easily the best trip i’ve been on. it was amazing in so many different ways. but mostly because i got to share it with my wife. i look forward to taking many more trips like this with her. even if it means i have to get a new bikes.

some pictures of our travels through parts of our beautiful country (in no particular order)…DSC_0230 (Large)

DSC_0260 (Large)crop dusting


DSC_0282 (Large)

DSC_0299 (Large)

DSC_0333 (Large)

DSC_0375 (Large)

DSC_0379 (Large)

DSC_0400 (Large)

DSC_0405 (Large)

DSC_0415 (Large)a photo op at one of our gas stops…


DSC_0425 (Large)

DSC_0431 (Large)

DSC_0435 (Large)

DSC_0449 (Large)

DSC_0504 (Large)

DSC_0545 (Large)

DSC_0556 (Large)

DSC_0559 (Large)some women in west virginia roofing. yes, the two on the roof are women!!!


DSC_0571 (Large)

DSC_7944 (Large)

IMG00221another photo op at another gas stop – this one a little more scenic.

check out the 2010 ride map – this one in green


picked up the bike today from ray price after having it serviced… it didn’t as take too long since my last service to rack up the miles. the trip to milwaukee helped that out.

not much done at this service – usual oil and filter change. they even changed the air filter for me. best of all, the bike got cleaned. not as clean as i would have done. but i can’t complain since i didn’t have to do it.

while the bike was in for service i got to cruise around on a 2010 electra glide classic.

DSC_8149 (Large)

May 22, 2010

heading home...

had an amazing trip to milwaukee with my wife... packing up tonight to start our journey home tomorrow. it'll be nice to get home again.

May 20, 2010


left indianapolis this morning and made it to milwaukee - with a detour through chicago's lake shore drive...

a pic of the bikes before heading out this morning...

May 18, 2010

how low can you go…

for the past week or so we’ve been checking the weather up in milwaukee. the forecasts predict temps in the upper sixties/lower seventies – about twenty degrees cooler than here…

getting ready to pack today i realized we should probably be less concerned with the highs and focus more on how *cold* it might be getting.  it’s always easier to dress warmed and shed some layers than get cold and have to try to warm up. i want to avoid the situation i had when i came back from maryland

of course the lows are going to be a bit cooler – in the low/mid fifties. but it’s not as bad as it could be. and if we can avoid the rain it would be even better…

can’t wait to take off tomorrow…

May 16, 2010

cleaning up…

wanted to go for a ride with my wife yesterday to test out the new bars… she was in a cleaning mood and suggested i clean the bike instead. my first thought was why would i want to clean the bike *before* heading out on a big trip??

since i figured if i went for a ride my wife wouldn’t be going with me i decided to follow her advice and clean the bike. not necessarily a bad thing but not top on my list of things to do on a saturday…

i can’t remember the last time i actually cleaned my bike. sure it usually gets washed after a service but it never gets cleaned as well. not to mention not getting waxed. so it was probably time i washed the bike.

turns out it wasn’t such a bad thing… it gave me a chance to really go over the bike before heading out. i came across a couple items i wanted to check that i may not have found had i not cleaned the bike. nothing critical but worth checking into further.

when i finished cleaning the bike i felt a lot better about it. not only did it end up clean, i felt more confident about the condition of the bike.

now i looking forward to the trip even more…

May 12, 2010

installing comfort…

picked up the comfort profile saddlebag guards today from shelton’s… installation was easy and went smoothly. the longest part was running out to pick up a torque wrench. normally i would just tighten the bolts until i thought there were tight enough. on something like this, i figured it was well worth the time and few extra dollars to make surer it was right.

after i i had one side installed my wife sat on the bike and immediately noticed the difference. the real test though will be taking my wife out for a ride to see how much better it is.


May 9, 2010

gettin’ ready…

my wife and i have taken a couple rides latest in preparation for a trip we’re taking to milwaukee later this month. since she hasn’t been on a trip this long, we thought it would be a good idea to have her get some miles on the bike…

we also got her a new seat from mustang seats which we thought might make the trip more comfortable. the old seat, which is wider, was pushing her legs into the saddlebag guards and cutting the circulation off in her legs. we figured the smaller seat might alleviate that.

our first ride was to the hog meeting. half way to the destination, we saw nothing but a sea of brake lights. after about ten minutes and only moving about a half a mile the traffic just came to a standstill. we decided to pull a u-turn and take some back roads.

while it wasn’t what we wanted because we were trying to get to the meeting on time, it turned out to be a good thing. we traded the congested main road for some scenic two lane roads. we also got a longer ride – never a bad thing on a motorcycle!! the side trip reminded me of the benefits of a detour

so my wife navigated us through the back roads to our destination. if you knew how my wife is with directions you’d know this is an accomplishment. she is awesome and amazes me every day. although i was secretly thinking that even is she would have gotten us lost i wouldn’t have cared. it’d just have meant more time together on the bike!!

the ride home that night was something else. not traffic this time but the night skies. the skies were dark until the heat lightening lit up the clouds in a beautiful display of lights and shapes.  we were enjoying the openness of the bike and the light show going on around us…

until… we started getting closer to home. as we got closer to home we started seeing more and more streaks of lightening. and as the miles ticked off, the bolts were getting closer to the ground.

within ten minutes of making it home the skies opened up. note to self: be sure to pack the wife’s rain suit for the next trip…

we also took a ride this weekend to durham. we wanted to catch up with a fellow rider and firm up plans for milwaukee. it wasn’t a long ride, but it was a good ride. except for the fact that, even with the new seat, the guards were still digging into my wife’s legs.

i decided to head to shelton’s to see if i could find the comfort profile saddlebag guards. they didn’t have any at the durham store but ordered them from one of their other shops. i should have them in a day or two. of course once i get them on we’ll have to take a few more trips to determine which seat might be better. you won’t find me complaining about that!!!

these past two rides really make me look forward to the ride to milwaukee. i can’t wait for the adventure with my wife – we’re going to have so much fun…

Apr 27, 2010

ride to work…

took a ride to work the other week – to annapolis!!! it was nice to get out for a longer ride in decent weather.

i headed out on sunday after a quick turn around from returning from the beach. as fast as i was unpacking from the beach, i was repacking for the ride. i could have taken a little more time but i wanted to get on the road and to my destination before it got too late.

repacking in a hurry didn’t leave me with the confidence that i had everything i needed. but if it came down to missing something critical, i could always pick it up on the road.

ride up to annaplois started on the interstate until richmond, then back roads the rest of the way. it was good to be putting some miles on the bike again. especially since i have a longer trip coming up towards the end of may. but thoughts of that trip were far from my mind as i was enjoying the scenery and the weather the eastern part of virginia was giving me.

i wouldn’t be quite so lucky on the way home. the temps were quite a bit lower and the skies were overcast. shortly after leaving, i was pulling over to put on my chaps and winter gloves. but those weren’t quite enough to keep the chill from reaching my bones.

the quick turn around on sunday and lack of planning was catching up to me now. in my hurry to hit the road i was so focused on leaving i didn’t bother to check the weather forecast. and now i was paying the price.

a couple times i did think about how much warmer i might have been had i been in my car. but i quickly came to the conclusion that i wouldn’t trade the warmth of my car for the freedom of the road. it seems cold riding is the theme on the rides this year.

it was great to get home and start to thaw…

check out the 2010 ride map – this one in blue

Mar 26, 2010


took the bike in to ray price this week to have it serviced… i can’t believe it’s been so long since my last service. only twenty five hundred miles in six months. sad… (I do plan on making up for it over the next several months, though.)

i was actually looking more forward to having it cleaned than the service itself… it’s been a while since it’s been cleaned – since the last service!! considering the long cold winter we had, i can’t be blamed for choosing riding over cleaning…

it was nice to be back on my own bike today. every time i get back on my bike after being on a different one, i like mine so much more. the seating position and the handling feel so right. my wife talks about getting an ultra classic one day. while i do look forward to getting another bike one day, i can’t imagine not having this one to ride.

this service i was hooked up with the same bike i had for my last service. fun to ride the newer model with the updated frame, electronic throttle and larger engine, but nothing new to report. and i guess i can’t complain since this is the first time i’ve gotten the same bike in all the years i’ve been taking the bike in for service…


Mar 15, 2010

bike shops…

saturday started with a stop at bikers boulevard with father-in-law. he’s rebuilding a couple bikes with the help of son and wanted to check out some parts – specifically an electronic ignition… within minutes they were showing him the exact part he needed.

we were perusing the store, about to leave, when one of the guys chased us down to talk to father-in-law about his shovelhead. before i knew it, they were looking for a kicker for his shovelhead. turns out they don’t make a kicker for his particular model – when they made the five-speed for his bike they stuffed it into a four-speed case, not leaving enough room for anything else.

listening to the two of them carry on about their old bikes was really interesting – i sure could learn a lot more from these two…

after getting home, my wife suggested taking a ride. i was all over that. we had planned to take the usual trip around the lake – a nice ride, but not too long.

shortly after heading out, after the few sprinkles of rain, my wife mentioned she was cold and her feet were bothering her. not wanting to end the ride so soon and not wanting to torture my wife, i suggested stopping at brewer cycles.

i’d never been there but heard good things about it. i was thinking that maybe if we could find her some new boots, she’s be willing to take a little longer ride.

when we got to brewer, i couldn’t believe how cold her hands were. sure, it wasn’t the warmest weather we’d ridden in, but i didn’t think it was that cold. i offered her my winter gloves, but they didn’t quite fit and she’d worry the whole time we rode home.

walking to brewer, i was surprised by the variety and selection they had – bikes, jet skis, clothing, helmets, accessories, tires. you name it, they have it. except footwear. well, they do have footwear, but it’s for dirt-biking.

we decided to forgo riding around the lake and head straight home. i did manage to talk my wife into a slightly longer ride home. which i really appreciated because i knew my wife would only get colder as evening drew closer.

it was great to be out on the road with my wife. i sure hope we can get more riding in together – although i will appreciate the ride we took this weekend since she probably won’t ride again unless it’s above the mid-eighties!!!

check out the 2010 ride map – this one in green

Mar 3, 2010

iba membership…

got an e-mail today informing me i’m now officially a member of the iba… wooooohooooo!!!!

You are receiving this e-mail because of your application for a ride
certification.  This note is to let you know that your ride has been
approved and although your ride documents may take a few more weeks to
arrive,  your membership has also been approved and entered into the
Iron Butt Association's member database.

Welcome to the Iron Butt Association!

gotta figure out where to ride next…

think biker…

came across this today…

Feb 24, 2010


finally took another ride!!! hard to believe it’s only the second ride i’ve taken this year… i blame that mostly on the weather; although other commitments have played a part.

this ride held the promise of warmer weather – in the fifties. definitely better than my last ride… the problem was that was afternoon temps. and i was leaving at five in the morning. with temps in the twenties.

in preparation, and with memories of the last ride fresh in my mind, i purchased ‘lectric pants and vest. purchasing them the day before the ride, i was a little concerned i wouldn’t have a chance test them out before embarking on a longer ride.

saturday morning i plugged up and headed out. needing gas not too far down the road, i decided to set the controls on medium figuring i would adjust it as necessary when i stopped. turns out it was just about perfect. i could feel the heat in the pants and the vest. i was actually surprised at how well they worked.

the ride was supposed to take three and a half hours – i was figuring closer to four with a gas stop thrown in. i was cruising along nicely, actually starting to warm up a little as the sun was rising, when i passed the city limit sign for winston-salem. within a mile of passing the sign, the temps must have dropped by five degrees.

not that might not sound like much, but remember it’s in the twenties. on a motorcycle. going seventy. it got cold!!! shivering cold!!

deciding how long i could make it like this and how soon i should stop, i was comparing the gps arrival time, eight-thirty, to the clock on my bike, about a quarter to eight.

my first thought was the trip was turning out to be shorter than i thought. planning the trip, i was sure i would need to stop for gas. now, by my estimates, i would be able to make it without stopping.

about fifteen minutes later, after merging to another part of interstate forty, the gps recalculates, now showing me about sixty seven miles to my next turn. holy crap!! what happened to thirty more minutes?? then it dawns on me… my clock is set to summer time - it’s only seven!!!

now i’m trying to figure out when to stop for gas. i like to go as far as i can before fuelling. i’m weighing that against stopping sooner to warm up. i decide the need to stop shivering definitely outweighs squeezing more miles out of the tank.

after the stop, i felt much warmer. which was a great relief as i headed further west and started seeing more and more on the sides of the roads.

despite the cold and the time miscalculation, i was rewarded as i rounded a corner, the road ahead of me opened up and in the distance i saw the snow covered mountains. i was struck by the  beauty of the mountains with all the snow. i was wrapped up in the majesty of the view ahead of me and was instantly taken away from the cold harsh winds of the highway. realizing it was the first time riding in the snow-covered landscape, i was hoping it wouldn’t be the last.

i made it to my destination and took care of business. by the time i was ready to head home, the temps were in the fifties. the ride home would be awesome – finally a ride in some decent weather. as i was leaving, people were commenting on how nice of a ride home it would be, forgetting the cold i endured on the way there.

and it was a good ride home. a comfortable ride under the clear, sunny skies. made even sweeter by the memories of the morning ride.

in hindsight, the morning ride may have been the better one.

check out the 2010 ride map – this one in red

Jan 2, 2010

2010 rides…

wow!!! we’re already in 2010!!!

------ 01/02/2010 - lake loop - nc and va
------ 02/20/2010 - just a ride - marion, nc
------ 03/13/2010 - ridin' with my wife - henderson, nc
------ 04/11-14/2010 - ride to work - annapolis, md
------ 05/19-24/2010 - weekend ride - milwaukee, wi
------ 05/28-31/2010 - rolling thunder - washington, dc
------ 06/26-27/2010 - smoke out - rockingham, nc
------ 07/03/2010 - ss1000 - nc, va, md, wv, va, nc
------ 09/06/2010 - ride with alex - nc and va


took the first drive of the year today… wasn’t really planning to, but my wife suggested i head out for a ride. it looked nice outside, blue skies dotted with puffy white clouds. it didn’t take much to convince me to go.

i had originally planned a trip through oxford to danville, looping south back through oxford and back home. i wasn’t out long when i realize it was a bit chillier than i thought.

i arrived in oxford cold, not quite knowing how long the planned route was, thinking i should just turn around and head home. instead, i decided to take the usual lake loop.

about half way through the ride, even colder than i could imagine, i couldn’t wait to get home. i even passed up a photo-op of the high water and flooded tables at the dam.

i made it home with a couple lessons under my belt. check the temps before leaving. if it’s in the twenties, i’d advise electric pants and jacket – jeans and chaps just don’t cut it. my electric gloves work awesome!!!

check out the 2010 ride map to see the route - this one in blue...

Jan 1, 2010


that’s the odo reading to start the year. i won’t complain that it’s not as much as i wanted, i did that in the last post

looking forward to putting some time in the saddle this year. in addition to the yearly trek to the smoke out and, hopefully, the easyriders rodeo, i’m planning a couple longer trips. one up to milwaukee for some training and another along the blue ridge parkway with my father-in-law. would be nice to add another iba ride or two as well…

outside of those, i imagine there will be plenty of rides with my wife and the kids. the youngest one has been asking to ride this winter. i haven’t be able to get him to understand that it gets a *lot* colder on the bike when it starts moving. not to mention he doesn’t really have any cold-weather gear. maybe a quick spin around the neighborhood would help him understand…

so, let’s hang on tight and see where this year goes…