Dec 14, 2005

another ride...

wasn't planning on taking a ride yesterday - it just kind of happened... it all started with having to return a work shirt to exile. well, that and wanting to get our christmas (yes, i said christmas) cards in the mail. well, if i had to go out, might as well take the bike. it was sunny, in the low 50s... decided i didn't need the heated gloves, just the winter ones. also decided to wear the chaps. it wasn't going to be a long ride - just to the post office and back. i knew i wouldn't get real cold, but what the heck, why get too cold at all??

so i get everything all together and head out... well, i thought i had everything... forgot the letter to go with the shirt i was returning. it wasn't critical, but i did want to put a note in there. another dilemma - do i go around the "block" or do i make a quick u-turn at the intersection. i decided to make the u-turn because of time - not something i usually worry about on the bike... anyway, i approach the street, which is a left hand turn, where i'm going to make the u-turn. there was a cage behind me, but it was far enough behind me that i didn't feel pressure to go into the turn quicker than i wanted. however, as i started making my turn, i noticed a cage coming in the other direction. because i was watching where i was going, i wasn't able to determine exactly how fast the cage was coming. i did figure that if i made it through the turn quick enough, i would have enough time to continue without cutting the cage off or worrying about it riding up on my butt. well, the u-turn went very well. i was confident going into the turn and i walked through the steps in my head - i think that helped me execute the u-turn very well. once i completed the turn and was back on the road, i accelerated so that i wasn't a hazard to the cage. in didn't really matter though, because the cage was far enough away that it wasn't a factor. you know, it's making successful maneuvers like this that build up confidence in one's riding skills.

okay, so i make it back home, pick up the letter and head to the post office. the rest of the ride was pretty uneventful. which i guess in certain terms is a good thing - it basically means that nothing bad happened on the ride. it was a great ride. nice cool temps - i was dressed appropriately for the amount of time i was out. if it would have been a longer ride, i would have definitely opted for the heated gloves.

now i'm thinking about my next ride... hopefully i'll get out this weekend. the temps are looking like high 40s / low 50s. but, most importantly, clear - no rain, sleet or snow. i'll be a little bummed if i don't get out this weekend as yesterday will have been the last ride of the year for me... it would be great to get one more ride in.

that's it for now...