Sep 15, 2005

old v. new

so i mixed a little pleasure with business today. i had to go out to roxboro today and decided to take the bike... this road seems to be a regular route for me now - it seems that all my longer trips lately have involved this path.

the roads are pretty much two lane country roads, mostly old farm land, some still active. as you take these roads you see old dilapidated homes and trailers, some still being lived in, some abandoned years ago. i've often wondered what happened to the people/families that used to live in the now empty homes. what did they do when they lived there?? were they happy?? i'm thinking most of them used to be farmers. were they successful?? or did their farms lose so much value that they had to give it up, living their final days in poverty?? it makes me sad to think they may not have lived their final days happily.

the road is also mixed with subdivisions filled with new, sometimes expensive houses. and there are signs of more subdivisions coming. old farms for sale to builders or farms staked out with lots for sale individually. what do these people do?? certainly not farmers. do they commute in to work?? or do they work from home?? i can see why people would move out to this area - it's so beautiful. and probably cheap - at least cheaper. still mostly farm land, not a lot of congestions, with the exception of the subdivisions, you have some room between your house and your neighbor's.

i've seen this before. but today i start thinking about the old and the new. the urban sprawl seems to be taking over the once beautiful country side. how much longer until the farm land and country houses and barns are replaced with subdivisions and shopping centers?? until this area is just considered another suburb or raleigh or durham?? or both?? the two lanes become four lanes or six lanes?? the countryside isn't so quiet any more, isn't so peaceful.

okay - so this is change i can see happening now. i start thinking even further into the future. what happens when the new becomes the old?? what will replace the subdivisions and the shopping centers and the six lane roads?? what will be the "new"?? and will it seem better at the time?? will it be better?? is it better now?? i don't know...