Sep 26, 2005

200 miles there and back...

took off yesterday for another great ride... the temperature was perfect for riding with a short-sleeve shirt - not too hot, not too cool. sky was slightly overcast, so we didn't get beat up by the sun. started by meeting a couple of the "regulars" for brunch at lucky32. after eating and chatting, we took off for points north. we started north of raleigh and headed to louisburg via 401. after a quick stop for fuel in louisburg, we headed up 561 to 4 to lake gaston.

as we're riding, i'm thinking these roads look familiar. i can't quite place them... i'm fairly sure i've never ridden my bike along these roads - but why else would i have been out here?? we finally pass a sign - medoc mountain, 5 miles. of course, these are the roads we took when we went camping with the boy scouts last fall. i remember now that while we were camping, there was another couple camping. they were traveling by motorcycle. what a fun trip that would be - sure, it would be rough, but it would be quite an adventure.

finally we make lake gaston. jim's friend, brian, has a house on the lake. what a host - as soon as we pulled up on our bikes be was inviting us in, breaking out drinks - very gracious. we visited, talking bikes, boats, jet skis, rc planes - just hanging out on his dock. must say i was very disappointed the battery in my camera was dead. (note to self - recharge all batteries the night before - never assume the batteries are charged. a lesson i should really know!!!)

after about an hour, it was time to head out and let brian and his family get their peace back... after heading north and getting lottery tickets in virginia, it was time to head back... we took 48 back to 561 through louisburg. on the other side of louisburg we stopped to split up and say goodbye. some were heading further south while the rest of us were starting west. the last leg of the journey was nice, but too short. i was home before i knew it...

200 miles in a leisurely day. not bad. although i could have ridden longer, it was nice to get back home to the family.