May 28, 2014

With Sadness...

Ten years ago I bought my Harley Davidson Road King Classic. I had ridden before but this was the first bike I owed. It opened up a whole new world and passion in me. Since getting the bike, I've been on many adventures, I've met many people, I even became an instructor.

Buying the bike also opened up another world I wasn't expecting. Buying a motorcycle isn't like buying a car, where you go in, haggle over a price, buy the car and leave. Maybe only to return for service if they sold you on that. When I bought the bike at Ray Price Harley Davidson, I met and made friends with the folks at the dealership.

In particular was Brenda in Motorclothes. Our son was just over one year old and Brenda would spoil him every time we walking in the dealership. Through the years, we got to know Brenda and her husband Pete. When we met Pete, he was working in the used parts and clothes shop he had opened for Ray Price. If I would ever walk in the dealership without my son, Brenda would ask where he was. Then she would send me home with Tootsie Rolls for him. We would run into Brenda and Pete at the local Waffle House. We were fortunate enough to celebrate Brenda's birthday with them earlier this year.

About an hour ago I learned that Pete passed away today. I'm really at a loss for what to say. Pete will be missed. Brenda is in our prayers. I'm sad. Our family is sad.

R.I.P. Pete.