Nov 15, 2013

catching up...

time to do a little catching up from the summer. i had a number of good rides this summer but two really stand out. one i took with my wife to the mountains of north carolina and one with my son to rolling thunder in dc. i'll start with the ride to dc.

my son has been riding with me for a couple years now. most of the trips been short rides around town and around the lake. nothing more than maybe an hour in the seat or a hundred miles. earlier in the year, when i was returning my uncle's bike, he attempted to ride up to northern virginia. he didn't last long on that trip. i think that was mostly due to being a little tired and knowing he could hop in the car and be a little more comfortable.

the trip to northern virginia was considerably longer than any he has experienced before. and there was really no turning back once we hit the road. i talked to him about it, trying to prepare him but not discourage him from going on the trip.

the plan was to leave friday, take backroads and stop every hour. we'd stop long enough to stretch our legs, snack and rehydrate but not so long that we would lose too much time. luckily there were convenient stops along the way.

friday arrive and we started our journey. as planned, we stopped every hour. we played leap-frog with a club heading the same direction. we saw sights that you only see from a motorcycle. we did some smoke chasing. we stopped at 7-11 to get slurpees. we ended up having an awesome trip. and my son has already staked him claim to ride with me next year!!

pictures from our trip...