Apr 16, 2013

new tires...

with the cape fear 1000 coming up this weekend, along with the high probability of rain, i decided now was a good time to replace the tires. i may have been able to make it through the rally but i wouldn't have been able to make it much longer. so, to be on the safe side, i got it done now.

i've been wanting to learn how to replace tires myself, with expert guidance from my father-in-law. but timing just didn't work out this time. i'll plan better and definitely next time.

i took the bike to d and q motorsports in angier. they do excellent work at fantastic prices!!

they also have several bikes sitting in the showroom. not sure if they're customer bikes or for sale. i should have found out if any of them were for sale. here's a cool royal enfield.

work was completed and off i went - taking caution for the first fifty miles, of course. if you're need bike work and are in the area, check out d and q.