Jan 25, 2013

lake ride...

here it is, friday night, the snow earlier today stopped and gave way to sleet and freezing rain. the local news is nothing but reporters, out in the streets, talking about the frozen roads, traffic delays and crashes. one station is even reporting from the vehicle, driving around telling everyone to stay off the roads!! go figure.

this weather has me wondering about a motorcycle event i'm supposed to attend tomorrow. and another one sunday. but it also has me thinking about how wonderful the weather was not even a week ago and the ride to the lake.

last sunday, the temps got into the upper fifties so my daughter and i headed up to the lake. she's been itching to ride the loaner bike from my uncle. and i've been waiting for an opportunity to try out the new camera i got for christmas. we opted for a shorter ride, up there and back, instead of taking the longer loop around the lake. so the ride worked out nicely.

although the weather was nice, we opted to bundle up for the ride in the off chance that it might have been colder that it looked. it's always better to start off to warm and peel some layers off than to get colder and have to try to warm up.

after a beautiful ride up to the lake, we decided to make a short stop after we crossed the dam.

we enjoyed the weather, the scenery and the company. then it was time to head home. and time for me to play with the camera. i wanted a point-n-shoot camera for the bike so that i could take some pictures while riding.

crossing the dam...

the camera worked out nicely but i learned a few things, after-the-fact. like there was a firmware update that fixed a few issues. and i needed to update the gps assist file. while it has gps and acquired gps lock, the camera thought i was in china!!!

anyway, i was able to a get few nice pictures and got to spend a great afternoon with my daughter...