Jan 21, 2013

first ride of the year...

took my first ride of the year last weekend. in the past, the first ride of the year seems to have been the familiar "lake loop". which usually gets chilly when i get up around the water.

this year was different in a couple ways. with the temps in the 70's, it felt more like april or may instead of january. and this year, instead of heading north around the lake, i headed south to discover sites i never knew existed. i also rode with a few folks i'll probably be riding with a lot more. more to come on that later...

we took off for a leisurely ride not quite knowing where we were heading. what i knew was it was a gorgeous day to be riding and i'd have my son with me - it was going to be a good day. after about thirty minutes twisting and turning through back roads, we pull up to what looks like an old train depot. turns out to be the new hope valley railway.

the railway started in the late 1800s and was operation until 1981. apparently shortly after that, a chapter of the national railway historical society purchased the right-of-way and the yard to set up a museum. today the site is a living museum. what a gem to find.

we'll head back to the railway when the weather warms up for the summer and they open for rides. my son is already planning on one of the halloween rides.