Jun 29, 2009

put in a few miles…

the way the day was shaping up, it was looking more and more like i was going to have to make a late night run in order to rack up any miles for million mile monday. and sure enough, the sun was setting as i was starting my journey.

i didn’t really have a route in mind. and since it was much later than i expected, i made it a shorter ride. and to make things a little more interesting, i wanted to take a route i’d never taken before… note to self: in the future, unless there’s no other choice, don’t plan to ride two lane, country roads for the first time in the dark…

some reflections from the trip:

  • the bugs and moths sure do love dusk. i thought it was getting dark awful quick until i realized that my glasses were getting covered in bugs. decided against stopping to clean them.
  • it’s really cool having fireflies go buzzing by your head – kinda like little led lights flying through the air
  • got to see a deer. not really a novelty, but when i first spotted it, it was crossing the road about a hundred yards in front of me. when it got to the tree line on the other side of the road, it stopped and watched me, almost like it wanted to be sure i kept going.
  • i passed through a town i’d never been in before. it had one of those main streets with the big, old houses on either side of the street. need to go back in the daylight to see if it’s as impressive during the daylight.
  • for the end of june, it sure was colder than i thought it would be.

i guess that’s about it. i did manage to squeeze in seventy five miles. when i added my miles to the hog site, there was only a shade over two million miles. guess we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see if the numbers come through… somehow i think they will…