Jun 14, 2009

hang up, pay attention and drive…

was downtown yesterday, heading home, in the far left of three lanes of traffic. cruising thirty-five, the speed limit. i’m even with the rear tire of an suv in the center lane when the knucklehead (i don’t think i was that kind at the time) decides he needs to make a left turn. yes, a left turn from the center.

i quickly hit the brakes and move as far to the left as i can. i would have gotten up on the sidewalk if the curb wasn’t there. once i was out of harm’s way, i laid on the horn. looking directly at me through the driver’s side mirror, i see a surprised look on a guy with a cell phone jammed in his ear.

of course he finishes his left turn and keeps going. had i not been wrapped up in being thankful for not making any contact with said knucklehead, i probably would have followed him and given him an earful. of course i would have had to wait until he removed the cell phone from his ear.

the only thing i can hope is that he’s learned to take the cell phone out of his ear and pay attention to the primary task at hand – driving.

a couple things to consider:

  • if you drive a cage, please pay attention to the environment around you – including motorcycles!!
  • if you can afford a car, a cell phone and a cell phone plan, can’t you invest a few more dollars for a bluetooth headset?? based on this post
  • if you ride a motorcycle, practice your quick stops – you can never be too good at quick stops.
  • if you’re on a different bike (as i happened to be in this particular instance), take some time getting used to it…

sorry – don’t mean to be preachy, but…

ironically, as i was starting my journey home, i was following a mass transit bus. the bus number happened to be seven. as you may recall, seven is my lucky number. so i’m thinking about what may be in store for me. i think about playing the lottery, especially since i missed out earlier. but since i only have one number, i can’t really do that. i figure whatever it is, it will happen naturally. in hindsight, i think it was my butt not being wiped out!!