May 1, 2007

motorcycle awareness month

today kicks off motorcycle awareness month. seems like the amount of effort being put into actually raising awareness varies from state to state. some states are going all out - well maybe not all out, but they seem to be making some effort. other states don't seem like they're doing anything.

the ama and msf are putting together a campaign to raise awareness. the ama has a humorous video on their web site. the msf is supposed to be putting videos up on youtube. i'll have to see if i can locate them...

the msf has come up with five rules for staying safe - actually ten rules, five for a motorcyclist and five for cages. here they are:

  • get trained and licensed - take an msf ridercourse and get licensed by the department of motor vehicles
  • wear protective gear - wear proper protective riding gear, most importantly a helmet made to department of transportation standards
  • ride unimpaired - ride unimpaired, never drinking or using other drugs before getting on a motorcycle
  • ride within your limits - stay within your personal limits, never riding faster or farther than your abilities can handle
  • be a lifelong learner - be lifelong learners, regularly returning for refresher riding courses

  • look out for motorcyclists - use your eyes and mirrors to see what’s around
  • don't be distracted - hang up and drive, put down the food, the pet, the personal grooming gear, the cd, and the reading material and save it for later
  • give two-wheelers some room - don't tailgate or get too close side-by-side
  • use your turn signals - signal your intentions. it's also the law
  • keep it in the car - don’t throw trash and cigarettes out the window, and securely lash down cargo that can fall out on the road and be a deadly hazard

there ya have it...

ride safe...