Apr 30, 2007


guess it's been a while since i've posted - too long... instead of sitting here making excuses, i'll just say i've been busy - extremely busy. which has also affected the amount of time i've had to ride. i've been getting some riding in, although it hasn't been as much as i wanted.

i've been on a couple rides - most just short rides around here. the one most worth noting is probably taking my sister-in-law for a ride... she and her son were visiting for a drum-line competition and she stayed with us. she's ridden before and has been contemplating getting back into it. she also has a early 70s honda 350 that needs repairs and is another story... we were talking about motorcycles and riding and, of course, she wanted a ride.

we hopped on the bike and i took her for about a forty-five minute ride around the area - avoiding traffic and sticking to two-lane twisty roads. i think she was pretty excited and enjoyed the ride. i think it confirmed for her that she wanted to get back into biking.

since the alst time i've written, i also had the 15,000 mile service done on the bike. some people would consider that average mileage, some low mileage. i'm impressed by the number of miles on it. to me, i just never really imagined putting that many miles on my bike. and it makes me think about putting 50k or 100k on the bike. it'd be neat to put 100k on it. it's working out to about 5k a year. and each year i say i'm going to put more miles on. this year, i think i will...

i took the bike in to the dealer for the service. because of the time crunch i was in at work, i decided to leave it there and pick up a loaner. what a great deal and chance to try out a different bike. this time, i got an '07 fat boy.

it was a fun bike to ride. i liked the new engine - it definitely had more get-up-n-go. i'm sure part of it was the lighter weight of the bike (compared to mine) and the larger engine. i also like the seating position on the bike. of all the bikes i've gotten while mine has been serviced, i think this has been my favorite. i wish i would have had more time to ride it around.

one final note, which may seem like an odd place to post this but is connected to motorcycling, i got a lesson in pre-judging people. while i try not to do it, sometimes it just happens - i think we all do it. i came across a guy, a guy in his 50's, that could barely read and write. i started thinking to myself, how could someone get by in life barely being able to read and write?? why wasn't he motivated enough to make more of/for himself?? i just don't understand it. after working with him for two days, i had the opportunity to sit down and have a real conversation with him. he opened the door by saying, you know, i used to be able to read and write really well. back in the 70s, he was in an accident that left him paralyzed, basically a vegetable. doctors said he would never be able to walk again. here is today, walking around - you'd never know he was ever in a wheelchair or an accident. and he's progressed far enough to not only walk, but learn to ride a motorcycle. i had a brand new respect for him - and a little bit of embarrassment for myself because i was quick to jump to conclusions. looking back, i wish i would have gotten some contact information from him to stay in touch with him...