Jun 2, 2006

smoke out vii

planning has started for smoke out vii. looks like the weekend will shape up as it has in the past. the crew from northern virginia will ride down and spend friday night here. saturday we'll head out to salisbury for the smoke out and spend the day out there. sunday we'll return home...

looks like we're going to have quite a crowd spend the night here. my wife isn't real thrilled about it - i can't say that i am either. we're expecting about sixteen people. now if it was just the core group of bikers, it wouldn't be any problem. but there are a lot that are staying that i just don't know - and with a crowd that big, it concerns me some. as long as they don't get too rowdy, everything should be fine...

anyway, i'm looking forward to the smoke out. it's a nice ride out there and we had a lot of fun last year. while the smoke out has been growing over the last several years, it's still small enough to be a lot of fun. people show up to show off their custom choppers - not the high dollar bling-bling kind you're used to seeing on tv and magazine covers, but the kind you'd see build in someone’s garage or basement. real choppers by real people. speaking of high dollar choppers, a couple big bike builders are going to be there: kendall johnson, paul cox and keino, eric gorges, billy lane, warren lane and others.

finally, and definitely not least, the scantily clad females that parade around... or decide to get brave and ride the bull. it was quite entertaining last year and i'm sure this year will not different.

should be a lot of fun... you can count on details, and pictures, when i get back.