Jun 23, 2006

the day has arrived...

today is the day the bikers show up - my bro and his crew... usual tradition is they ride down here on friday. eat, drink, tell stories, curse and sleep. tomorrow we head to the smoke out.

lots of preparations going on around here. we usually smoke out a pork butt (or as my wife likes to say, a pig's butt) for some tasty bbq. right now, my wonderful wife is preparing the potato salad, deviled eggs, cole slaw and all the other side dishes. she's so amazing with everything she does to make everyone feel welcome.

we had a dilemma earlier with the number of people staying with us, but we have that resolved now. we originally thought between sixteen and eighteen people we staying - a bit more than we could handle. my wife and i agree we could handle ten. so i passed that along to my bro. he calls a couple days later and asks if we might be able to handle twelve to fourteen - no pressure, no problems if we can't. wife and i talk and agree that we could do it if everyone brought their own towels for showers and sleeping bags. the final number seemed to be twelve. although from the e-mails i seen going around, it might be a more like ten. i guess we'll finally know when they arrive!!

well, i better go get the smoker set up and ready so i can start the bbq. should be a fun weekend.

finally, for my wife... if you ever read this, thank you very much for everything you do to make this a great weekend. (well, not just this weekend, but for everything you always do.) i know there's a lot of work involved in getting stuff ready for friday and we leave you quite a mess on saturday when we take off. you take care of everything with no complaints - okay, maybe a little. ;-) thanks - you are the love of my life - a dream to me...