Jan 1, 2015


Starting the year with 60119 miles on the odometer. Kinda sad because it means I've only put about 100 miles on the bike since October. And only about 5K on the year.

But since it's the first day of the new year, it's time to only glance in the rear view mirror to remind ourselves of where we've been and look towards the future!

The first order of business will be to prep the bike for some riding. I still need to get the 60K oil change done, which should happen very soon. Along with that will be general bike maintenance to ensure it's ready to ride through the winter.

This year's riding calendar looks similar to last year's with the familiar rides, the Ride for Kids and Rolling Thunder in May, the Smoke Out in June, and ride to the mountains for the instructor update.

This is the last year for the Cape Fear 1000. Because it's a popular event they decided to make the event invite only, based on participation in previous years. Being a late-coming the the rally, I didn't get an invite. I'm a little bummed about that but understand. There is an opportunity in January to explain to the Rallymaster why I should ride in the event. I'll probably make an attempt to get in although I won't be holding my breath!

Back in this year, hopefully, is the Smoke Chasing tour.I've enjoyed riding in the tour and it's always another reason to ride and eat - like I really need that!! I'm also going to schedule another Iron Butt ride. I have a neighbor that wants to do an Iron Butt ride. If we sync up our calendars, I'll do another Saddle Sore 1000. If I go solo, or with someone who's done one before, I'll attempt the Bun Burner 1500.

Some other goals this year are to post to the blog a little more often. How many times do we hear that? I even feel bad saying it. But, it's a personal goal of mine and hopefully I make it happen. I also want to post some videos of my rides. Something a little more interesting that just single, long clips of riding down the road. I know this requires more that slapping the camera to the bike and turning it on. I'll need to put more effort into getting usable videos then compiling them into an interesting story. Just something else to do!!

So, that's it... Let's see where 2015 takes us!!