Oct 16, 2014

High Tech Helmet

Wearable technology is synonymous with smart watches, fitness trackers and even jewelry. But there's a more exciting market emerging, especially for us motorcyclists - smart helmets!

FUSAR Technologies is developing the Guardian GA-1 helmet featuring their patent-pending STAR System™. It features a heads-up display (HUD), voice commands, video recording and more.

The HUD gives the rider situational awareness in all directions, allowing the rider to make quick decisions based not only what's in front but what may be behind as well. The helmet also includes video recording. In the event of a crash, the video is stored in memory which can be reviewed later. The voice commands make it effortless to interact with the system and allows the rider to keep their hands on the bars.

I'm pretty excited about the Guardian GA-1 and look forward to learning more about it... Check out the video below.

Welcome to the smart helmet revolution. from FUSAR Technologies on Vimeo.