Jan 23, 2014

black box legislation...

Lately, we've had a lot to be concerned about when it comes to protecting our privacy. Our Government unwittingly gaining access to our information. Stores not protecting our information as we would trust them to. So much of our personal information is out there and so many entities are trying to get access to it. Some of that probably pieces of information you didn't even know were being collected.
If you watch any news, you know that when there's a plane crash one of the first things they do is get the Black Box - the flight data recorder. Did you know your car most likely has a Black Box - an event data recorder? And did you know there's indecision about who owns the data collected by the Black Box? You think you do. The insurance company thinks they do. The auto manufacturer thinks they do.
Recently Senators John Hoeven and Amy Klobuchar introduced S.1926 Driver Privacy Act, which would make the property owner or lessee of the motor vehicle the owner of information collected by the Black Box.
The +American Motorcyclist Association is working to ensure motorcycles are included in this legislation. Granted, right now, it's not common for motorcycles to have event recorders. But you never know when it will become common-place. And why wait until then?
Head on over to the AMA web site and let your senator know you want motorcycles included in the legislation.