Oct 8, 2013

smoke chasing...

had a chance to do some riding this weekend. seems like it's been a while since i've been able to just get out and ride for the fun of it. usually there's a predetermined reason or destination. sunday the calendar was wide open - no where to be, no where to go...

after mulling over a few options, i decided to knock out a few more smoke chasing stops - especially since we're getting near the end. why is it when smoke chasing season starts, there's plenty of time to get all the stops and even do a few side dishes, but i'm always scrambling at the end? last year i think i got my last few stops right before the tour ended. looks like i'm going to be in the same situation this year - unless i squeeze in a few stops on the way to/from classes. i should probably also find out when it actually ends!!

i packed up my son and we headed north up in to virginia. we decided to make this a frugal ride. since we have coupons for free items at sheetz we decided that's where we'd eat. i know it seems odd that we'd be stopping by all these barbecue places and choose to eat at a gas station. but we like the food at sheetz. and with the coupons it's free!

our first stop was henderson to get two barbecue places. actually, it was our second stop after getting holden's barbecue. it'd be a shame to not finish smoke chasing and miss the closest barbecue place to me!!

after the first stop in henderson, my son declares he's hungry! i offer to eat here or wait until we get to virginia and stop at sheetz. he says he can wait until we get to virginia and sheetz. at the second stop, he again says he's hungry but adds the next stop we make, we're eating.

we head up into south hill and stop wilson's b-b-q, at our last smoke chasing stop of the day. i get off the bike and take my gear off. my son asks why we're stopping. i tell him that it was my understanding that we were eating at our next stop. he says yeah, but it's not sheetz. okay, we'll go to sheetz. a quick lookup on my phone and i see the closest sheetz is forty minutes away. and not in south hill as i previously thought. it's doesn't take long to come to a consensus that we're eating here!

we enjoyed a good lunch, some laughs and even picked up some barbecue sauce. what a great afternoon with my son.

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