Jun 2, 2013

vollis simpson and whirligig ...

i learned today that vollis simpson died this past friday... vollis' name may or may not ring a bell but he's always kinda held special meaning to me.

almost eight years ago, i was still new to street riding and we went off for a ride. it was one of those rides where you head for one destination and end up at another. something i'd become familiar with in the follow years. and something i'd appreciate more and more each time it happened. usually because you end up finding something you might otherwise never see. also because, to me, it's the essence of motorcycling. not necessarily the destination but getting there.

almost eight years ago is when i stumbled on vollis simpson and his whirligigs. and just like any article you read about him, he stopped to talk to us and invited us into his shop to show us around.

since it was my first exposure to him and his whirligigs, i don't know if he was as well known then. lately though, it seems he was getting more and more exposure. i've seen him name and his artwork show up in more in not just local media but national media too. there's an effort now to restore his whirligigs and move them to a park for everyone to enjoy. since i'm artistically or even creatively inclined, seeing art like this just amazes me.

it's nice to see him getting the recognition. it's also too bad that he won't be alive to see the opening of the new park created in his honor. although now maybe he has a better view of the park. and maybe he'll be up in heaven crafting his magic with the clouds and the stars.