Apr 12, 2012

smoke chasing bonuses...

every once in a while, the smoke chasing grillmaster will throw out a bonus. needing all the help i can get, i do what i can to participate in these bonuses. as an added incentive, there's usually a prize associated with the bonus. last month's was a backwards bonus - just needed a picture of the bike, the bbq place and the back of our flag. easy enough... and the prize?? which i didn't win!! a set of  dunlop tires!! not a bad deal.

this month there are two bonus opportunities. first, a dive contest. basically the worst looking bbq place we can find. compared to some of the other competitors, i don't think i have a chance at this one.

the second bonus this month is called friends don't let friends go hungry. for this one, we get one chance at winning the bonus for every friend that signs up for the smoke chasing tour. for all of you who thought this tour might be fun, now's the time to sign up!! sign up over here, then e-mail the grillmaster (smokechasing [at] hotmail.com) and tell them i sent you. but hurry, this bonus ends at the end of april.