May 2, 2011

helmet legislation for nc motorcyclists…

if you live in north carolina and you to choose whether or not you wear a helmet, now is the time to take action

house bill 392, permitting motorcyclists and passengers 18 and older to decide if they want to wear a helmet, was introduced march 17 and referred to the house transportation committee. the crossover date for the bill is may 12.

in an effort to help this happen, if you’re a north carolina resident, you should contact the committee chairs as well as your representative.

from the american motorcyclist association web site (linked above):

What is needed?

In order to advance, HB-392 must be called for consideration and passed out of the House Transportation Committee before the crossover deadline of May 12.

What can I do?

Contact the committee chairs to request HB-392 be taken up for consideration and voted favorably out of the House Transportation Committee.

How do I contact the committee chairs?

Rep. Frank Iler: 919-301-1450; email:

Rep. Grey Mills: 919-733-5741; email:

What should my message be?

Consider using the following talking points:

  • 30 states already allow adult motorcycle operators and passengers to make their own decision with regard to motorcycle helmet use
  • Motorcycle rider education and motorist awareness are the keys to reducing crashes involving motorcycles
  • As a responsible adult, I’m already making adult decisions regarding my personal protective equipment needs
  • Add any other personal reasons why motorcycling is important to you and why you feel that you, not the government, should make the decision regarding helmet use          

Remember, May 12 is the deadline for advancing HB-392 to the full House for consideration.  Take a few minutes NOW to make your voice heard on voluntary helmet use in North Carolina.

As a follow up, contact your representative to make your position known on voluntary motorcycle helmet use.  If your representative is already signed on to HB-392 as a primary or co-sponsor, say “thank you.”  If not, respectfully request he or she consider doing so.  Mention that as a constituent and registered voter, why this is an important issue to you.

Don’t know who your representative is?  Click here and enter your Zip code in the box under “Find Your Officials” to learn more.

get out and do your part…