Mar 15, 2010

bike shops…

saturday started with a stop at bikers boulevard with father-in-law. he’s rebuilding a couple bikes with the help of son and wanted to check out some parts – specifically an electronic ignition… within minutes they were showing him the exact part he needed.

we were perusing the store, about to leave, when one of the guys chased us down to talk to father-in-law about his shovelhead. before i knew it, they were looking for a kicker for his shovelhead. turns out they don’t make a kicker for his particular model – when they made the five-speed for his bike they stuffed it into a four-speed case, not leaving enough room for anything else.

listening to the two of them carry on about their old bikes was really interesting – i sure could learn a lot more from these two…

after getting home, my wife suggested taking a ride. i was all over that. we had planned to take the usual trip around the lake – a nice ride, but not too long.

shortly after heading out, after the few sprinkles of rain, my wife mentioned she was cold and her feet were bothering her. not wanting to end the ride so soon and not wanting to torture my wife, i suggested stopping at brewer cycles.

i’d never been there but heard good things about it. i was thinking that maybe if we could find her some new boots, she’s be willing to take a little longer ride.

when we got to brewer, i couldn’t believe how cold her hands were. sure, it wasn’t the warmest weather we’d ridden in, but i didn’t think it was that cold. i offered her my winter gloves, but they didn’t quite fit and she’d worry the whole time we rode home.

walking to brewer, i was surprised by the variety and selection they had – bikes, jet skis, clothing, helmets, accessories, tires. you name it, they have it. except footwear. well, they do have footwear, but it’s for dirt-biking.

we decided to forgo riding around the lake and head straight home. i did manage to talk my wife into a slightly longer ride home. which i really appreciated because i knew my wife would only get colder as evening drew closer.

it was great to be out on the road with my wife. i sure hope we can get more riding in together – although i will appreciate the ride we took this weekend since she probably won’t ride again unless it’s above the mid-eighties!!!

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