Jul 12, 2009

30000 service…

the trip to dc for rolling thunder finally put me over 30k… and looking back at my last service, i haven’t been riding very much - gotta start riding more…

took the bike to ray price to have them do the service – a big one this time. in addition to the normal oil/filter change, gaskets and plugs, they also, replaced all the brake pads, mounted a new rear tire, replaced the steering head beams and a cam bearing kits. the best part, other than finally getting the bike back was it’s was all free!!! what?!?!?! because i’m a preferred customer. okay, i did have to pay to become a preferred customer, but the cost of this one service was more than i paid to become a preferred customer.

DSC_2708and… the above doesn’t include the cost of the rental i got when my bike was in for service – a crossbones this time.

i like the looks of this bike, the mini-apes, the tires, the solo seat. but i don’t like the ride. what really surprised me at first was how much i feel like i’m sitting *on* the bike. even with my road king, i feel like i’m more in the bike than on the bike.

DSC_2712another thing that really surprised me was the lean angle around corners – as in the non-existence of. i was surprised when i drug the floorboards just leaving the dealership. i don’t know if it’s something i could get used to. of course, i wouldn’t want to think about having to replace the boards every year or so because i ground them off.

i’m glad i got the opportunity to ride the bike as long as i did. the more i rode it, the more i got used to it. but that might have been because i was just itching to ride and, since my bike was in for service, i made due with what was available.