Jun 7, 2008

road trip!!!

have a week off work and going to do some riding...

daughter and i leave tomorrow, ride up to manassas, spend the night. monday father-in-law, daughter, son and i ride up to york, spend the night. tuesday, take the harley factory tour, return to manassas. rest of the week will be spend squeezing in riding between son graduating, visiting and graduation parties. should be a very busy and fun week.

today, we get a call from father-in-law. he wants to know what time we're leaving so he can meet us on the road. i asking him where he wants to meet, thinking he'll probably pick waugh harley davidson. he says he wants to meet in some small town south of orange. i proceed to ask him if he wants to meet at a gas station, greasy spoon or what. no, he says he'll be on the side of the road, i should look for him. to help out, he'll call me when he parks himself on the side of the road. i explain that i won't be able to answer because i'll be riding. not a problem - he'll call wife, who'll be riding in the chase vehicle. i guess he figures she'll be able to communicate with me while we're cruising down the two lane road.

it ends up easier just to go along with him than to try to work out a more identifiable location to meet.

two things are already apparent on this trip:
  • it's going to be very interesting

  • it's going to be a lot of fun

stay tuned...