Feb 25, 2008

ridin' in the rain...

been doing some riding these past few days. pretty much purpose riding - to and from my destination. not really out joy riding, although it seems any time i'm on the bike, it's enjoyable.

weather was still a bit cool, 30s and 40s, but with the 'lectric gloves and elephant ears, i stayed toasty. some sunday, i decide to forgo the heated gloves - hell, it's almost been warm riding these past couple days. of course sunday turned out to be a bit cooler than previously, so i was a lot colder. at least i didn't have far to go.

coming home sunday night, it was raining. i wasn't overly thrilled with the thought of riding in the rain, but i needed to get home. i threw on the rain gear, jumped on the bike and headed out. it actually didn't feel to bad - certainly felt a lot warmer than the ride in.

as i put more miles on, i was starting to enjoy riding in the rain - it felt liberating. most people were probably seeking shelter from the cold rain. here i was, out riding in it - actually having fun.