Jan 14, 2008

20k service

took the bike in for service today... 20k!!! finally hit 20k. a mark i was hoping to hit last year, but fell a couple miles short.

temps outside were a little chilly. so i bundled up for the ride in - throwing on the 'lectric gloves and elephant ears. i was actually quite warm on the ride, thinking i may have overdone the bundling up part... i always say it's better to be warm and strip a few layers off than to get cold and have to try to warm up...

i get to the dealership, drop the bike off and pick up the rental. managed to pick up an electra glide classic. oh-eight model. with the anti-lock brakes and fly-by-wire throttle. i've been hearing a lot about these and finally have a chance to see what they're all about. well, maybe not the anti-lock brakes - i'll just trust they work.

on the ride home, i discovered how well the 'lectric gloves and elephant ears worked. i didn't get cold to the point of being uncomfortable, but the ride home was certainly colder.

as far as the bike - i really like the throttle. maybe, just maybe a fraction of delay between twisting the throttle and feeling the response. it seems some people are leery of it - thinking it's new technology and prone to failure. yeah, it's probably new to harley - at least the implementation - but the technology has been around for years.

the fly-by-wire is the first technology harley's come out with since i bought my bike that makes me consider getting a new one sooner. i know there's no chance of that right now - but, it did get my attention...