Aug 21, 2007

17500 service...

here i am, taking the bike in for it's 17500 mile service - hard to believe. although it actually has closer to 18300 miles... it's been a very frustrating adventure - if i can call it that...

started out with the ride in - traffic wasn't too bad with the exception of one or two cages. since i was riding in the morning commute traffic, i was expecting to see (and avoid) a few bozos. they're usually easy to spot: reading the paper, on the cell phone, putting make-up on, shaving, still rubbing their sleepy eyes, trying to drink their hot coffee without spilling it in their laps, etc - we've all seen them... i'm cruising down the road - keeping with traffic but keeping a margin around me. then i get some asshole riding my tail. i've got nowhere to go - i'm in the left lane, cages to the right, cages in front. it's not like i'm holding traffic up. and he's got to be riding on my rear wheel. i tried looking back at him, thinking it might make him realize - nope, that didn't work. if i slowed any, he got closer. not what i needed this morning. eventually he was able to weave in and out of traffic and get in front. funny thing is i passed him a little later on. seems his cutting in and out of traffic got him stuck in a slow lane.

i make it to the dealership and talk to the service doods. seems my preferred customer plan has run out. last month!!! i explain to service dood that i called last month, explained that i was close to the 17500 mile service, had about 17200 on the clock, and was planning a trip. the trip would take me over the 17500, closer to 18000+. would that be a problem. they told me it wouldn't be a problem - besides, they were booked and wouldn't be able to get my in before the trip anyway. long story short - took trip, got fender fixed, called to schedule service, couldn't get me in for two weeks. i'm arguing they should give this service to me. i also throw in the fact that i thought the preferred program was until 2011 - that's what it has printed on my card, and i show handy dandy card. service dood explains that the program wasn't explained clearly and a lot of customers have that confusion. then it hits me - what about the rental bike?? that's usually included - now i'm going to have to pay for that too... he says hold on, he'll talk to a couple people and see what he can work out.

one thing i will mention, the service people at the dealership are super - they really go out of their way to help out. and this dood was certainly doing what he could to take care of me.

he comes back a little later and tells me the rental is taken care of. at least i can get home without a lot of hassle. he says he's still checking on the service and has to wait for someone else to come in. he says that no matter what, he's still going to service my bike as a preferred customer - prompt service, bike cleaning, etc. he preps the bike and i wait.

he comes back and tells me that i can renew my preferred customer plan. he quotes me a price and tells me what i've already saved being a member of the plan. without going into exact numbers, it's saved me over seven grand. i have to admit - it's been a great plan. i just wasn't expecting to drop that much money today.

now i have to go talk to underwriter dood. main dood isn't there, so i have to talk to assistant dood. he doesn't seem too friendly and quotes me a price twice as much as service dood. i about fall out of my seat. i tell him that's not what i was quoted. he asks if i talked to main dood. i tell him i talked to service dood who talk to someone else - that's how i got the price. in addition, i wasn't expecting to drop that kind of money and wouldn't be able to pay today. we work it out so that i can pay when i pick up the bike.

i get the rental bike and start my venture home, not happy... on the way home, some woman decides to try to run me out of my lane. she was oblivious to the fact that i was even on the road. i'm in the middle lane, a cage in front, a cage to the right, this woman to the left and, thankfully, someone not too close behind. the woman in the left just starts coming into my lane. i can't go into the right lane and i can't speed up past her. i start hitting the brakes and the horn, quickly moving to the right portion of the lane to avoid her running into me. i was able to slow down enough that by the time she was fully in my lane, i was behind her. i don't think she ever knew i was there - even after that little mishap. today's a day i'd be happy to park the bike and wait for another day to ride...

here's a pitcure of the rental bike i got this time - a 2007 softail custom. rides smoothly. i like the lower seating position. i don't like the position of the forward controls - they need to be out a little further for my liking.