Jan 14, 2007

what's with the weather??

first, i can't believe what's going on with the weather - the temps have been awesome. second, i got to go out riding again today - what an even more awesome wife i have!!!

biggest decision was where to ride... i wasn't aware of anything going on and didn't really want to ride somewhere and ride the same route back. with that, i decided to make a counterclockwise circle to the north - that way i'd stay on two lane roads and avoid the busier roads. i also wanted to travel some roads i hadn't been on before.

i plotted out a route on my gps. it's nice being able to plot the route, but i'm not confident that it's one hundred percent accurate - in fact, i know it isn't. showing roads that aren't there, tell you to turn in one direction when you really want to go the other way... i figured i'd let it be my rough guide - if it had me turn in a direction i didn't want to go or put me somewhere i didn't want to be, i'd easily be able to find a road i knew and follow that home... i guess that's the nice part of having a gps - you can only get a little lost!!! instead of being in the middle of somewhere without a clue to where you are and only a paper map, at least you could pinpoint where you are and navigate to a known location - even if you had to take mystery roads. you know, even with the gps, i still don't have the confidence to travel without a paper map. mostly because i can more easily get a broader view from a paper map than a gps. maybe that will change with time - until then, a paper map accompanies on my travels.

my route took me through youngsville, louisburg, warrenton, norlina, up to boydton, over to clarksville, back through virgilina and back home. the second half of the trip was all familiar road - a lot of which i've been traveling on these last few trips. but the first half, once i got north of louisburg was totally new roads for me. the beauty of the countryside is simply amazing.

as usualy, i was looking around in awe of the land, the farms, the houses, the communities, the small towns... i keep thinking it would be so nice to move out a little further - move a little more into the country. maybe one day we'll decide to do it...

the ride today was good for the soul - as the rides tend to be. just me, the bike and the road - the only real destination being home, the route not mattering, stops being optional. i opted not to make any stops on this trip - didn't need to, didn't want to. i was enjoying moving in the warm air and the sunny skies.

three hours, a little over half a tank of gas and i was back home... nice to be out riding on such a beautiful day, but nice to be home too...

check out the route on the ride map, this on in funky blue.