May 31, 2006

ridercoach application...

head to durham technical community college tomorrow to interview and fill out an application for a ridercoach position at the college. they have all the brc (basic rider course) classes filled up for the remainder of the year, but they want to get me in the system in case an instructor cancels. hopefully the weather holds out so that i can ride the bike out there.

i also received an application for alamance community college. i have to fill that out and get it back in the mail. same story there, all booked but they want to get me in the system.

i'm looking forward to teaching. this year may be a little rough since it will probably be short notice for me to fill in. i'll do it when i can but i'm not good at last minute stuff - we usually have other plans. even though i'm not teaching, i'm going to try to observe a couple classes. mostly to get to know other instructors and see how the classes are taught at different locations.