Jan 1, 2017


Hard to believe we're here looking down the front end of another year. At times it feels like last year dragged on yet still passed so quickly. Like most, I want to say 2016 was a lousy year. And in some light, it was. But without the crappy times, I wouldn't have ended up in such a better place. So knee-jerk reaction is to complain, but honestly, it was a tremendously good year.

As far as motorcycling goes, I didn't do nearly as much riding as I anticipated. Hell, only two thousand miles - the majority of which came from a single trip to Orlando. Obviously is wasn't a stellar year for riding.

At this point, I'm normally anticipating the "usual" rides - Rolling Thunder, Smoke Out, Ride for Kids - as well as other rides I'd like to take. One I've talked about for a few years but haven't put the time in to is riding the Blue Ridge Parkway.

This year is a little different. Yeah, I still want to get more riding and miles done this year. But this year I want to get more involved, more active in motorcyclists rights. A good start will be the American Motorcyclist Association EAGLES (Education, Activism, Growth, Leadership, Expertise, Skills) program. It's an advocacy and leadership program that gives AMA members the tools and resources to support their areas of interest. I received the paperwork from the AMA and just need to complete it and get it back to the AMA. With the EAGLES experience, I plan on advancing specific issues within the motorcycling community.

One another note, earlier in the week the weather forecast was calling for nice weather today. I had entertained starting the new year with a short ride, maybe up to the lake and back. In usual North Carolina weather, it turned out be be a rather wet day and I decided not to go out today. However, that didn't stop my father-in-law. He'll turn eighty-one later this month and still rides whenever he can. Gotta admire him.

I'm looking forward to this year. Not sure what it's going to hold but I know it's going to be a good one.