Jan 1, 2014


i was watching the odometer on my last ride, which was also that last ride of 2013. it was chilly, i had my heated gear and it was late at night. my mind kept going back and forth between taking a slight detour to add a few miles or just squeezing in one final ride to cross over 55k.

as you can see, neither happened and i start the year with a shade under 55k. i feel confident i'll make that on my first ride.

i start the new year, looking forward to the rides and the adventures that are ahead. there will be the familiar rides and tours: smoke chasing, smoke out, rolling thunder. an, ride for kids. however, with the timing of easter, i'll most likely miss the cape fear 1000 this year.

this year will also be the year of learning and improving. this month i'm scheduled to take the quality assurance training for the state motorcycle program as well as the harley davidson motorcycling academy continuous improvement workshop. on a personal level, i want to improve my riding skills and plan to set some time aside for personal practice.

finally, i'm recommitting myself to keeping this blog up to date. i seem to start the year strong and then let go about half-way through the year. i'm also thinking about adding some product reviews based on my personal, hands-on experience with different products.

so, we'll see how this year goes...