Jan 1, 2013


here it is, a new year again... time to reflect back on the last year and, more importantly, look forward to this one....

last year was a good one for riding - accomplished some of the rides i wanted, didn't finish others and even threw in some unexpected rides. the first "big" ride of the year was the cape fear 1000 which turned out to be quite an experience. my goal was to finish. successfully. i managed to do that with mentor-ship from two good friends and the support of my wife. the cape fear 1000 is definitely not my wife's type of riding. she knew i wanted to do it and she stepped up. early in the ride, when we had completed the requirements to successfully finish, i told her we could head directly to the finish line and i would be happy. she insisted on completing the route we had initially set. without her support and guidance, i would have never been successful. more than the ride itself i treasure the bonding during the event.

the year also included the smoke chasing grand tour, the smoke out, rolling thunder and general rides around town and the state. unsuccessful was my attempt at the waffle house grand tour (didn't get my goal of a waffle house each month) and another saddle sore 1000 (wasn't so much unsuccessful as just didn't get around to making the ride happen).

unexpected rides included mountainfest, a ride to attend a memorial for a friend and mentor,  and a ride up to erie to pick up a loaner ultra classic. i've enjoyed riding the utlra classic, i like a intercom system and the added wrap around arm rests for the passenger - it's made me feel a lot better about riding around with my son. still need to get my wife out on it before i return it.

this year i'm looking forward to the usual rides: the smoke out, rolling thunder and the smoke chasing grand tour. early this morning, i submitted my application for the cape fear 1000. they've changed the registration process this year and are selecting applicants for the rally. and in the vein of long distance/endurance riding, i'm going to try to mentor a friend in completing a ss1000.

i'm also looking forward to getting involved in a local riding club. i've admired the man who runs the club for many years and the club's main focus is on charity work. motorcycle and charity - fits like a hand and a glove!!

so, lots to look forward to this year... starting with 49317 miles on the clock. i guess another big milestone will be turning 50k on the bike!!