Jan 1, 2012


yikes!! i knew i didn’t put many miles on the bike last year, but didn’t realize it was just over 2500 miles…

had some extenuating circumstances that didn’t lend themselves to riding as much as i normally would have liked. i’m not complaining, though. and in hindsight, i didn’t really miss the riding because my attention was turned to more important things.

now it looks like things are back on track and it’s time to look forward. so many rides, so little time. some of the choices on the horizon (although i know i won’t be able to do them all!!): smoke out, blue ridge parkway, cape fear 1000, smoke chasing gt, waffle house gt to mention only a few. would also like to throw in a trip or two (or many) with my wife. and rides around with my son…  and at least one iba ride.

so with all the opportunities out there, i’m just going to take it day-by-day and see what unfolds.

let’s ride!!